FBC Ray City Students

A student ministry seeking to love God, love one-another and love the world for glory of Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

At FBC Ray City Students, we’re committed to providing students with a far deeper experience than the average student ministry. We are not about entertainment, experience, or extravagance. Instead, we are a student ministry that strives to see students transformed by the power of Christ to live holy lives in a world that needs Christians to be salt and light. We live in a world that needs committed disciples. Our student ministry is centered around biblical teaching, an intentional community of discipleship, and a heart for seeing our world reached for Jesus. If you’re looking for a student ministry devoted to seeing students taken deeper into God’s word and committed to God’s church–FBC Ray City Students is the place for you.

Love God

(Students Worshiping God)

There are so many things that compete for our attention. Yet, there is only one that will satisfy our hearts. Love for God is the one thing that is most important, and it will shape how we think of everything else in life. Therefore, we know that connecting with God in worship is paramount. That is why we make it a priority to encourage our students to join our church every Sunday morning as we come together as the family of God to worship Him, along with our worship times on Wednesday night.

But we don’t just come together on Sunday mornings. Our youth ministry plans out events and activities throughout the year to give students the opportunity to connect with God in worship. One of the activities that we participate in regularly is called the Move Conference. It is during opportunities like this that young people can hear heart-felt biblical preaching and participate in engaging singing with thousands of others.

Love One Another

(Student Groups & Fellowships)

Our youth group is a great way for students to come together and build relationships. We meet twice a week: on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and on Wednesday nights for youth Bible study. These are two times that students can come together in a small group every week. However, this is not the only opportunity that our youth ministry offers. We plan activities and events throughout the year to give students the opportunity to come together and encourage one another in the faith. One example of an event that we do that is aimed at helping students come together is our Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood nights. These two events give an opportunity for guys and girls to get together separately and develop their relationship with Christ and with each other.

Love the World

(Student Missions & Outreach)

Jesus has given us all a great commission to go to the world and tell them about His great love. Our youth ministry’s goal is to empower students to show God’s love to the world. Throughout the year, students will find ways that they can get involved in ministry. They will be given opportunities to do acts of service so that they can demonstrate God’s love and have a chance to share their faith.

One example of an opportunity that they have is through participation in FUGE camp. FUGE is a summer camp where youth gather with others to not only experience solid Bible teaching but also have the opportunity to grow in their walk as they participate in a lot of service activities. Another opportunity that youth have is through church-sponsored mission trips.