Local Outreach

Loving our Neighbors

At FBC Ray City, we desire to live missionally in our neighborhoods as co-laborers with Christ. Our passion is to see the community around us mended and healed through the power of the Good News of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection for our sake. We believe Christ has uniquely gifted and equipped each member of his body to play a part in advancing his kingdom in our local community. All our local outreach activities are aimed at this target.

Mission Team in Ducktown, WV

FBC Ray City partners with Upward Sports Ministries through two different sports seasons. We use basketball and soccer as tools to reach our community and plant seeds of the gospel.

Outreach through other church ministries

Numerous ministries of FBC Ray City have outreach components.

D-life is our primary discipleship method within our church. Each D-life group performs two different outreach ministries each year. 

Men’s ministry reaches out to our local community through ramp building and the use of a bereavement trailer. Through these ministries, we seek to serve and love those who are hurting and broken with the love of Christ. 

Women’s Ministry reaches out to our local community through our day of blessing ministry. Through this ministry, we seek to serve and love those who are less fortunate with the love of Christ.