Who We Are

Our Purpose Statement

The Bible makes it clear that the Church exists for a purpose. We understand our purpose as a local church is to love God, love one another, and love the world. This isn’t a philosophical statement for us; it’s what we do and we apply it to all age groups. And it’s our belief that the person who truly loves God, loves others and loves the world is on the path of spiritual maturity. Check out the information below and see why.

Love God

Loving God is essential in order to have a right relationship with Him. The best way we know how to do that is through worship. With that in mind, we encourage our members to actively participate in personal and corporate worship. We also make sure that the Gospel is regularly presented during worship and followed with an invitation to place faith in Jesus Christ and begin the love relationship He wants to have with everyone.

Love One Another

The Christian life consists not only of a right relationship with God, but also a right relationship with others. Nowhere in the Bible does it suggest a “Lone Ranger” approach to living out your faith. In fact, it does the opposite. Consequently, we encourage members to love one another by meeting in small groups and building relationships with others. Our Sunday School classes and D-Life groups meet this need, as well as opportunities for mission and evangelistic engagement.

Love the World

An authentic Christ-follower isn’t someone who has simply acquired a lot of facts about Jesus by sitting in a classroom. A Christ-follower does exactly that: follows Christ. And while Jesus did many miraculous and dynamic things on this earth during His earthly ministry, we know that He had one specific mission: to demonstrate God’s love for the world by giving His life as payment for our sin. With Jesus as our model, we encourage members to be involved in sacrificial service that has the specific goal of presenting the gospel to a lost and dying world. Through mission trips, community outreach events and D-Life, opportunities to love the world are available. Check out the Outreach tab on the main menu for more details.