September 2019   
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Youth Ministry

Our goal at FBC Ray City is to ground youth in their understanding of God’s Word and then give them opportunities to live out the truth that they have encountered. We do this on Sunday mornings with Sunday School, Sunday nights with our Discipleship class called “Act Out”, and on Wednesday nights with our Youth Worship meeting called “The Way”. Sunday School is a chance to come together in a small group and discuss the Bible and how it should transform our lives. “Act Out” is a chance for students to really consider what it means to follow Jesus and to live out their faith with words and actions. “The Way” is a time for students to come together and take part in a game, listen to or sing some music, and listen and interact with the proclamation of God’s Word. We also offer monthly activities for youth, including camps, retreats, lock-ins, concerts, and more.

Getting to Tomorrow

In 2017, the First Baptist Church of Ray City started the Bridge to Tomorrow program. It is likely one of the biggest undertakings this small church has ever undertaken, and will require much sacrifice, effort and dedication. In their debut video, the youth group shows just how difficult it can be to get to tomorrow...